Friday, August 20, 2010

Late Bloomers

America Climbing Rose
I can't believe this rose! It was very inexpensive and it thrives.  It was one I planted recently to fill a space in the garden,

I had removed a rose. I wouldn't even call it a rose anymore as it had gone wild.  It was taking over the space in front of the house killing the rhodeys.  It was once a hybrid but lost it grafting and had ugly little white flowers with no smell.  It was so big that my nephew had to tie a rope on it and pull it out with his truck!  Mother's roses that are more costly are very little and we're lucky if they have two or three blooms!  Have you every had a rose go wild on you losing it beauty to single petal?

16th Century Garden designed by Liz Turner Diehl
I want to thank you for visiting my blog.  I'll show you what I finished recently. Please excuse the photo as my camera has disappeared so I have to use a commercial photo.  The needlework has much more vibrant colors than this photo. 
It took me a month to stitch it up as it has very little cross stitches on linen. Two threads over two threads and the silk threads it asked for.

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