Friday, August 6, 2010

Day One: Do I Return to a WIP or Start a New Project?

This is a work in progress from 2007:

Love, Peace and Harmony 

It was an expensive kit, but I fell in love with the beautiful angel holding a beautiful baby.  I started on the center of the chart, on the red part of the dress and never picked it back up.  There were so many interuptions during that part of my life.  But now I really want to pick it up again.  It's a big project, I love the fabric, it feels so good.! 

I used to be an occasional stitcher, didn’t have much of a stash. Wasn’t much into finishing a project either. Then I discovered Blogs. Blogs changed my world. I believed that a blog was applicable to keeping in touch with my grown twin daughters. They don’t usually call me, so a blog was easier.  Then I discovered cross stitch blogs. Man o man, what a gold mine! Now there was something I could really get into! I saw some of the most beautiful cross stitch projects aka “wips”. That’s when I truly became inspired to start stitching!!!  By now, you're probably thinking has she ever finished a project? Yes, I have many finished projects which I will display later.

I would see some a beautiful design and say, “I gotta have that!” Before I knew it I had a rotation going and buying charts and fibers on Ebay!

I want to thank all of you for truly inspiring me to stretch myself and really take cross stitching to heart.  Please leave a comment and pass my blog address around, I really need friends and encouragement and I will reward you with visits to your blog and lI will leave a comment.

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  1. Good luck with your cross stitching! I am sorry to say that I have absolutely no patience and so I know that I would wind up making a mess out of it! :)
    Best regards,